Hello all. Great group


Hello all! Great group!

I have a question about my 2011 Honda shadow aero. Just took it on a 1,200km trip through the U.S., and it was perfect! Got home, and all of a sudden it is vibrating like crazy at around 45km/hr, 65km/hr, 105km/hr. It is so severe, mostly on the right side that I feel it through the foot pegs and handlebars. Painful at times. It stops when I let off the throttle.

Checked the weights on the wheels and the air pressure. All good.

Nothing has been done to the bike that could have 'caused' this. I have been reading forums, and I haven't found anything that helps.

It has the usual vibration at about 110km/hr. But, this is new. And annoying. Thanks for any help you can offer.

Perhaps the Gas?? I am in Canada.

I run 87 octane, and it's running Synthetic oil for the past 1,500km. New Air filter 1,500km ago as well.

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  • tires seem ok Paul Rogers... thanks

  • Engine mounts

  • That was one thing that I came across Keith Wolfgram. Can I see the damage, or it is a dealer inspection? It's driving me crazy. Thanks!

  • Use prybar to gently move the mounts if there's excessive movement then usually there bad

  • I would check the wheel bearings.

  • thanks guys!

  • Also look for sagging or torn rubber at the mounts

  • Brake caliper not retracting completely and grabbing?

  • Sounds to me like a cupped front tire. I used to ride Kawasaki Nomads. The stock front tires on them would usually cup and exhibit the same behavior that you described.

    To see if your front tire is cupped, run the palm of your hand back and forth over a large section of the tire. Like from the fender tip to the ground. Gently rest your hand on the tire and run your hand back and forth. If you can fill some low spots and high spots as you run your hand, the front tire is cupped.

  • Thanks for all the tips. Appreciate the help so much!! Will let you know!