Hello All I have a 1985 Rebel 250 and it runs like a top Intend to keep until...

Hello All. I have a 1985 Rebel 250 and it runs like a top. Intend to keep until the final run. It is such a pleasure to ride in my rural area. Though i would check out the group and see what i can learn.

  • They will run forever as well, if they are maintained properly..

  • I'll keep riding this one until I can't ride anymore. I'm 61 now so maybe about another 25 or 30 years. Ha.

  • Sue.... I am 63 and intend to ride for years so long as I am able.. I started riding in the mid 1960s and really like the Rebels.

  • Did you know that the Rebel is the most used bike in Motorcycle Safety classes around country due to ease of maintainance and durability?

  • I believe it. I started out with a 1973 Yamaha 100 Enduro back in 1973. I've been hopeless ever since.

  • Su Sue, would you agree that the black Rebels are in fact faster?

  • I'm not sure...they are always just a blurr when they go by.

  • I filled PeeWee up today. 1.31 gallons of gas used in 112.3 miles. That's 85.6 mpg. That's a lot of fun for $4.54.

  • Steve Cox, been thinking about the black Rebels being fastest..here is my theory, Since for an object to be the color black, it must be able to absorb all the other light in the spectrum; therefore, for a rebel to be black, it must be absorbing all the speed in the spectrum. Indeed, the Black Rebels are fastest.

  • My thoughts exactly.