Hello all I just bought a basket case 82 CB900F and it s in pieces I m...


Hello, all. I just bought a basket case 82 CB900F, and it's in pieces. I'm wondering if someone can point me in the right direction for a procedure on changing out to new valve seals? The head is still on the engine, engine is out of the frame. Thank you!

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  • but if you don't know how good the engine is, take it apart and check everything.

  • Does that work with DOHC head?

  • That's my question, I guess. This is what the previous owner said he was going to use but never got around to it

  • I agree with Christopher Griffin, you might want to be able to check the condition of the valve and seats while you're at it. I just replaced all my exhaust valves and had the seats recut in mine.

  • That's a good point. I'll take the head off and poke around a bit.

  • Anyone know of a 1982 CB900F manual in PDF I can download?

  • Nevermind, I found one. Thanks to all!

  • where did you find it Dean Freeberg, i might be stripping mine down very soon

  • Go the the cb1100f forum. . You can download workshop manual from there. Much better than Haynes . . As your changing the seals it makes sense to clean valves and head up. And give the valves a quick lap in. . A lotng job. . But once it's done you'll ibow all is good. . Be worth getting Brent Hyde's Cam chain guide and remained while it's apart. . Think of them as engine insurance

  • Works well. I made a 2 hose setup to pressurize 2 cylinders (1 & 2, 3 & 4) at the same time. This held the crank still and held valves in while I used the lisle tool to remove springs. Worked a treat.

  • Also get the Viton valve seals off cb1100f.net, don't replace with Honda ones ...

  • I do have the Viton seals, so I'm good there. The manual was from a Google search. I'm not sure the Web source. Thanks everyone!

  • I do not recommend anything other than take the head off, clean it all up, remove all valves and old seals. This is a great time to inspect the valves and their seats and correct any pitting or wear involved, use a tap to clean out the plug threads, and put it all back together with new seals a new head gasket and using a torque wrench. That's the only way you can be sure the head is entirely fit and will drive a long time for the future

  • What do you do to retain the timing chain when taking the head off?

  • Nothing really, if the chain falls in just retrieve it with a magnet or a coat hanger. no biggie

  • I get a piece of wire and tie one end around the chain so I can retrieve it when needed and stiff wire helps when you want to thread it back through the head. I'm electrical so I always have wire