Hello all still having an issue where my headlight turn signals and horn do not...


Hello all, still having an issue where my headlight, turn signals and horn do not work. Here is a list of what I've done so far:

- Replaced all fuses

- Replaced all bulbs

- New battery

- New rectifier

- New signal relay

- New starter relay/solenoid

- Checked/cleaned contacts in handlebar controls

- Looked for any exposed or burnt wires

Any ideas on where I should look next? I probably could have taken it in for the money I've spent on parts so far lol

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  • Did you check to see if a wire is cut or broken in harness?

  • The headlight harness? I believe so and I jiggled it too (pretty much did that with every harness) I'm trying to figure out what would make all 3 of these things get goofy. I have looked at the diagram many times.

  • And the whole hand control could have gone bad internal

  • What year?

  • That was a thought. I recently put on new handle bars and I was thinking maybe the length of the cables caused something to yank, but this coincidentally happens after my bike died and I had jumped it with my car

  • a screwdriver also touched the battery on accident and there was a spark... possible causes

  • 1997 vlx 600

  • I have shorted out things more time then care to count that's the reason for fuses it sounds like hand control or a wire got disconnected but with out seeing it I am just giving you advise on things I have seen gone wrong it is usually more simple then you think

  • Thanks for the attention. I found this diagram, it is pretty cool has everything by color. I'm going to take another look at it http://www.hondashadow.net/forum/attachment.php?at tachmentid=9658&d=1359426975

  • Your headlights are routed through your starter button. When you press the starter it cuts out the headlight for maximum battery power. It's a mechanical switch and may have gone bad.

  • Do you own a multimeter or test light?

  • I only have a test light. I tested the harnesses and fuse box. No power to fuse box slots for headlight and fan motor. No electricity in harness for headlight either.

  • I was thinking of ordering a new fuse box, but I'm not sure, because I opened mine up and it looks fine

  • I wasn't sure how to test power going to the handlebar controls. I tried putting my test light on the contacts for the controls but didn't get any response

  • Insufficient dirty ground is a commonly overlooked possible fault.

  • was doing some reading last night and some signs pointed to ground as well.... puzzled lol

  • Grounds fool the best. Also check plain wire age: fatigue faults. Especially any place old wires have to flex. Put on some coffee. You'll git r done!!!