Hello can you tell me if there is a more efficient front brake system that can...

Hello, can you tell me if there is a more efficient front brake system that can adapt without too many changes? Honda CB 450 twin .... Thanks

  • Replace the front brake master cylinder with a unit off a later model bike that has the brake light switch in it, then ditch the old brake lines and just run a single braided line from master cylinder to brake caliper. Then get new pads. Big difference.

  • then I you're saying that I have to eliminate the bulb of stop?

  • so a 750 would fit?

  • No - just the wires that send the signal to the bulb. They can be inside the newer brake master cylinder perch.

  • But why bother?

  • I did that.

  • Stock CB750 is not much different from stock CB450 - so you are not improving anything.

  • Here's mine. Put a straight piece of brake line in and new pads. Can do stoppies now

  • That's the ticket. What brake master did you use?

  • Ebay moto GP style levers. Like 50 bucks for the set...

  • I love them. So comfy.

  • I am running a Kawasaki ZX14 front brake master cylinder on my CB750, it would probably also work on a CB450 given the brakes are pretty much the same. You need to make sure your master cylinder is matched up to your brakes, getting the wrong size can be a total fail.

  • How do you mean? Like the 10mm banjo bolt?

  • No - like piston diameter in the master cylinder.

  • I didn't even think of that. Guess I got lucky lol

  • Me too

  • yes, I got an aftermarket master from an ebay seller and coupled with steel lines from now defunct Slingshot Cycle and my 450 was stopping safer. Lemme see if I can post a link of the mc.

  • I used my lower line sections and it reached mine perfectly. I'll post a pic in a minute.

  • Thank