Hello Everyone I ve been MIA for quite awhile I realize so here s the latest...


Hello Everyone!!! I've been MIA for quite awhile, I realize......so here's the latest, and a parts status update (yes, still drowning in Aero 1100 parts). DO expand the post.....for a general list of upcoming parts.

Last week - just turned over 100k miles on my Goldwing, so I guess that means I'm at over 200k total since I started riding. Sadly, it means I now have more miles on a Goldwing, than on a Honda Aero 1100.....waaa, that actually makes me a little sad/wistful. Good to see my Aero is still the trusty 1100 example for the cover page.....such an honor!

We are buying a house, so moving is coming up in the next 45-60 days, which in turn means - YES - the Honda Aero 1100 parts MUST be sold.

As a refresher - in inventory, which will be posted HERE and NOT on my other page - no pricing determined yet, and I may be interested in doing a complete package deal.

VALUE - I will post what it would COST today to buy these parts new....this does not mean that is what I am charging, but everyone should recognize the retails on these parts to start with, so when I do post MY price - you can factor in what it would cost to replicate before deciding to purchase or not.

Complete (minus custom brackets) V & H DUAL exhaust - new, never installed, with Freedom Performance mufflers with shark fin tips. Make no mistake, these are gorgeous, but LOUD. If you don't want LOUD, these are NOT for you!

Today, all told, acquiring a new set of ACE-T V&H dual exhaust is about $450-500 (maybe a little more), and to replace mufflers (there is a reason to do this) with the mufflers in this set, is another $300 or so. All in, retail to do this plus fab the brackets - about $900 - $1050.

Complete set of customized primered ready-to-paint tins (gas, rear, and front fenders). Gas tank has the bottom seam rolled (much nicer!), rear fender has been customized for another cool LED flush tail light. Well, hard to tell retail - but these days you're probably out a minimum of $600 for used replacement tins without any prep or customizing being done.

Complete set (needs assembly) new front and rear Honda OEM rims (just the rims, no hubs - use your own), PLUS brand new fancy spoke stainless front Buchanan spokes, and plain rear stainless Buchanan spokes. The OEM chrome rims are about $200-$250 or so combined front/rear - the spokes are over $500 combined new from Buchanan. So $700-800 retail.

Brown's Plating Chrome forks, floorboards, and triple tree. Never installed - just gorgeous, the very highest quality chrome work.

Retail on these - well, you either have to obtain used extra parts to have chromed, or take your bike apart to chrome your own. I can say cost of these used replacement parts before chroming is likely $300-500+ on a good day.....the chrome work from Brown's was over $600.

Also think I have a new set of Honda OEM upper fork covers.....

Brand new CHAMPION hardbag guards - will NOT work with Tsukayu hardbags, but would work with Champion hardbags, or a nice set of leather hardbags, depending on brand. $300 retail, bought these more recently, although hard to get.

Tons of other smaller stuff.....some of it very hard to find - will advise as I go through things.

So first up, I am in Northern CA - I'd definitely give preference to local buyers or those willing to come into the San Jose area, to get out of packing and shipping.

Second, I would be willing to entertain a package deal - but you have to agree to take ALL of it, and pay for packing/shipping to location.

Otherwise - I'll be posting items individually..........time frame is soon, in the next couple of weeks!

Hope everyone is doing well, and has had a wonderful summer modding and riding your bikes!

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  • There was a guy on here this week saying he will look forever to find that dual exhaust. I think it was here.

  • Maybe timing is everything :-)

  • Actually, I think I saw that post....maybe it was Kevin R. Mueller

  • nice to see you again Tami.

  • Good to see you too Shawn! Miss it around here.....but work, the nagging thought of my parts house (haha) and now all the agony of buying a house....well, I should have checked in here more often just to say hi!

  • Tami Glover yes, that was me!

  • But yours are Vance and Hines, and I'm looking for the Roadhouse duals.

  • Got it! Well, wishing you good luck with that.....you may end up having to locate a whole bike with them already on it and buy the whole thing, lol.

  • Heather Lavelle Anything of interest? Free shipping included! LOL.

  • Do you have an aftermarket seat for a 99 areo?

  • A few months ago, Justin had way more money then I did so he got your chrome hub cover. I'm still looking for one. If you find another in your stash of parts let me know

  • Hi Jim, no. I do have a recovered stock seat in brown.

  • Is it the front and rear seat? If so post pic please.

  • I don't think I have another..,,will let you know if I do though.

  • Hi Jim, it is the front only, no pillion.

  • Thanks. I need the rear mainly

  • Hi, do you have a light bar ?

  • Hi Tony, I did, but can't swear I still have it. If I do, it will get posted.