Hello everyone. My name is Takashi

Hello, everyone.My name is Takashi.

I live in Japan.

My CB900Fb is 1981 North America model.

It was made with Itself.

Thank you.

  • One in the middle of the fuel tank imagines a dragon.

  • Your bike is gorgeous.

  • I think so, too.haha:)

    Thank you very much.

  • Superb photo and cb 900!

  • Thank you☆

  • Really cool, the yellow stripes give the bike a very nice line

  • I like yellow.

    But an original image was also left.

    Thank you.

  • Absolutely a great paint color combo , visually the whole bike * nice job Takashi -san .

  • Good mornig Takashi, very nice your cb

  • When you can say so, I'm happy.

  • Thank you.

    Japan is 17:00 of Saturday, so I'm drinking alcohol.

  • Takashi , I have had a 1981 900f silver with blue stripes and 2 1982 900f one in black with red , orange stripes one silver with blue stripes , miss them . They were great bikes .

  • That's wonderful.

    This motorcycle is my treasure.

  • Very nice bike Takashi no one has asked yet so I will ask , do you know what bike the forks come from guessing same bike as wheel and brakes maybe ?

  • Fork & Brake caliper is CBR600F.

    Wheel is CB750Fc

    Braek disk & Stem is one stock.

  • Thought I recognised forks , I like the look as keeps older style while using later suspension

  • Takashi , your original picture is stunning with the skyline!

  • Stunning = incredible, excellent, and awesome all at the same time!

  • Thank you very much!!

  • Hi Takashi, a very nice "Bolle" in front of a spectacular back...you are an artist!

  • Thank you very much!