Hello fellow firestormers

Hello fellow firestormers!

Im quite the beginner when it comes to big bikes. I havent even tried an inline4 bike. But ive understood that the v-twin engine has naturally good torque on low revs. But is there a big Difference in the acceleration between a firestorm/sp1 and like a cbr600? Lets say they got the same year of production.

  • Just reread your post and an SP1 will leave a CBR600RR for dead. Pulls hard from a lot lower and hit 6-7000 and it pulls like a train all the way to redline at 10k real quick. Top end speed is a lot higher too. A well tuned SP1 should be good for a genuine 270. They are geared for 300 at redline in 6th.

  • The storm is a riders bike that's great for everything . Inline bikes are for revs and only good for riding in the right conditions

  • Torque monsters! And sound better than any inline 4 I have heard .

  • Could ride my GSX-R's fast in any conditions.

  • Dale Llewellyn gixxers are a different thing altogether but they are not for everyone I find a vtr is for everyone all the time but I do love a gsx.r

  • Is that clutch or power wheelie Kyle Parker ? Standard sprokets or 1 tooth up?

  • That was a bit happy on the clutch John John, it comes up with out the clutch just as easy in first but. Standard gears too :) made just shy of 115 on the Dyno after the carbs were rebuilt /jetted

  • Mmmmm, nice, and the fastest colour too! .... I have just fitted stage 1 Dynojets to mine and a pipercross airfilter.... to go with the carbon freeflow cans.... dyno run next weekend!

  • Yea definitely the fastest colour!

    All those sound pretty similar to what I have some mate, I have k&n filter and termignoni cans, hope you make some decent power and do some awsome wheelies mate!

  • My storm will sausage and batter a cbr 600

  • if you ride hard, there is no difference between 100bhp VTR and 100bhp CBR600, acceleration is the same.

  • In a straight line

  • on the racetrack as well, tested :-)

  • I have both but prefer my CBR for track use if honest!

  • Lot easier to keep the revs up on a track

  • John Boon sure, cbr is better for track use overall

  • CBR will be, it's a sports bike, a VTR ain't.

  • There's loads of cbr600's about, you'll find half a dozen in every bike night. They're not a bad choice for a commuter.