Hello guys


Hello guys,

Does anyone know where to buy Ignition barrel + seat lock + fuel cap in the UK ?? Ordered one from ebay and they sent me one set was not compatible with one lock and had to send them back.

If anyone sell here genuine, you got the deal.


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  • ebay got them for £125 but doubt they genuine?

  • They are genuine I got them off ebay^^

  • Matt Lloyd But I've already noticed The key head is smaller than it should ! Looks weird.

  • Matt Lloyd That's not genuine mate !

  • There's others on there!!

  • Matt Lloyd I already received that the guy said £125 , but the Keys are weird and did not even work. So, I said no.

  • I bought the 125£ works fine?! Strange.

  • Matt Lloyd but they are not 100% Honda parts.

  • If you want 100% genuine parts surely your best bet is to bite the bullet and order direct from Honda?

    Either that or a parts specialist such as Wemoto might have the bits you need

  • For 100% genuine honda parts go to a Honda dealer!

  • Did you recover your bike but with ignition damage? Exact same as my situation if so, what area was it jacked in?

    Honda Bournemouth has it a bit cheaper http://parts.hondaofbournemouth.co.uk/products/201 5-1013/handle-pipe-26050.aspx I've used them for parts before they were great, amazing customer service. I'll use them if I need to completely replace mine.

  • Yeah you are correct. Islington area. I've ordered from Bournemouth Cheers Jaiveer

  • Lesley Ravindra NP, did you get all 3 locks or just the ignition? Let me know how it goes and how easy/hard installation is, I just got my grom back with a big hole where the ignition used to be.