hello ha As mad as cheese i have the same problem rectifier and having endless...

hello ha! As mad as cheese i have the same problem rectifier and having endless bad luck as well. Mine decided to blow fuse then i pushed n replaced fuse got a while down the road n stopped at traffic lights saw smoke shot off pulled fuse and chucked me pop over it. Surely they dont go like that it still starts but rectifier smokes? Any ideas?

  • steve. it wasnt any near the battery it was the one under the seat cowl on the left hand side blew the fuse first time didnt second time just smoked the rect. ??? Martin he is a bit pricey for that been using him for abit thoe will check that owt thoe CHEERS!

  • Did you see my post on here yesterday?! Mine conked too, and was getting smoke off the reg/rec. Have bought a CBR125 one off eBay, and hoping it arrives on Monday. Think the hot weather is the final straw for these things! Good luck with yours!

  • Ok Sharon, go with the reg/rec, pretty much a straight swap over, with a bit of luck let’s hope that nothing else has fried, (finger crossed)

  • No i didnt but is gettin as common as dreaded ccts and other little gremlins that come along. lol Keep us posted c wot happends. :)

  • search for MOSFET regulator/rectifier.

  • Fit an r6 one. Fit and forget

  • Yeh, Once all the smoke has leaked out they stop working. :-(

  • The part number in that picture says it all...

  • Also vfr 400 one fits. Sweet! Just for now gona buy a finned one me thinks. :)