Hello Have troubles with the clutch moved the pump from the clip on to the...


Hello! Have troubles with the clutch: moved the pump from the clip-on to the new high bars but for some reason now the lever is very soft, no resistance. Didn't try it with the engine on, honestly.

I didn't disconnect the clutch line so... what could it be? I left the whole unit upside-down for some time while waiting for the new bars... maybe this caused air bubbles into the system?

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  • Wise choice ;-)

  • indeed,old and wise!!hahahaha

  • Do you think I can re-use the bolts I have or I have to order new ones?

  • which ones mate?

  • I'm out of luck and stupid. Ended up ruining the Triumph bracket trying to fit it on the original frame bolts. So I've cut it and will have to create a new base for the bracket with aluminum (if I find it in my workshop, damn!). Anyway, I was referring to the brake pump screw (red in the picture). I think I could do it.

  • well new lines come with new bolts but the only ones that they say you should replace are caliper bolts.if you change the copper washers to prevent leaks they'll be fine.

  • I think I'm going to order them, at this point. Since there's absolutely no way to ride this thing before next week. I ruined a piece that could be worth €100 (the bracket). Pretty pissed.

  • sorry to hear mate,but it could be worse.i know someone that restored an h1 kawasaki,beautiful purple paint work too,fell over with it wheeling it outside to test and fell against the tank,the edge of a brick wall,and creased it.gaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  • Ouch!

  • Yeah, took more than half an hour to bleed the brake lines. The bad stuff... one of the tubes is a bit twisted, I'll probably have to dismount and re-fit to make it straight. If I'm fast enough MAYBE I'll only have to re-fill the tank withou bleeding it again. I hope.