Hello I am new here the group not the planet and I am thinking of getting a...


Hello, I am new here (the group, not the planet) and I am thinking of getting a "Grom"!

I saw one yesterday at the Honda dealer and fell in love with the style and everything about it.

However, I am concerned about top end speed being low, meaning that tootling about at 50-55mph will be thrashing the engine.

I don't want a rocket, obviously, but I don't wanna be restricted on normal roads.

I also would love to know how far you guys would consider the limit of how far you would travel in one go. Do they get red hot & blow up after 10 miles or are they good for a 100 mile cruise in a day?

Any advice most welcome, thank you. :)

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  • If you want one bending the same, I can mod my left hand one and post it to you. The mirrors are interchangeable, so can be fitted to either side.

  • Thats so kind! (that was aimed at me wasnt it?!) I really appreciate that but I think I will actually do this kind of thing myself. I got the tools for it.

    I must admit that I dont often use mirrors on a bike cuz I just dont trust them. Very kind offer tho, thank you! :)

  • ill give it a whirl, got two to play with lol. did you use anything to help bend it?

  • I held the mirror stem/arm in a vice (using something to stop it getting damaged/marked). Once I had heated it up with a gas torch, I slid a ring spanner over over the stem and bent it to the desired angle. After cooling it off, I then polished the stem to remove the heat discoloration.

  • nice one bud, thanks

  • She's beautiful Maz. I love the blue one, mine will be red which is cool by me!

    So lucky to have found this group :)

  • I don't think we have 1 member here that doesn't think these bikes are the absolute bollocks!

  • I defy anyone to not fall in love with this crazy little beast!!

  • The people that do not like it, are the people that are jealous

  • my last bike was a Honda Firestorm. the last time I enjoyed riding this much was my first summer riding at 17