Hello. I d have a question. what s the shortest gearing you tried on the Storm


Hello! I'd have a question: what's the shortest gearing you tried on the 'Storm? I always felt the stock one was really too long, making the bike able to reach high speed but not very useful on the road. I plan to put the old lady back on the tarmac sooner or later but with a few mods and gearing would be one for sure. Any advice? Maybe something to make it fun to ride on short/twisty roads and nice for power wheelies ;-)

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  • Changing rear will be easier at least i prefer as removing rear wheel is quicker, not much difference in prices between sprockets.

  • Never looked at the original gearing... but going over (Z45) would make it a supermoto? :-D

  • Smaller gearbox sprocket make the chain work harder as well (Tighter turning circle)

  • Should keep an eye on the revs as well, use the gearcommander change some settings and it shows you loads of info

  • Uhm... with a z45 rear sprocket the bike would still make more than 200km/h. Could be a good solution.

  • Standard is good for road, i've used one up on rear before and that works ok, tried one down on the front and too revvy also locks rear too easy on fast downchanges, maybe would work with a slipper clutch but not standard.. What power wheelis you want ? They only make 100 or so horspower don't expect too much, first you could flip it easy and 2nd just needs a bit of clutch to bring it up.

  • Uhm...

  • Just ride one gear lower than usual and don't use 6th gear... cheaper than new sprockets.

  • If only it worked like that

  • I had a VTR1000 and always felt the gearing was very tall. I also have an SV1000 and thought that gearing was a bit tall too so went up 3 teeth on the rear (from 40 to 43) and down 1 on the front (from 16 to 15) and it totally transformed the bike. Yes a pay for it in revs in top gear, effectively losing 6th gear, but the pick up and response down low now is amazing. If you do it, go down enough to really notice a difference. It can always be changed back.

  • Yeah, it makes no sense for me to skip one teeth... In case I go for it, I think I'll get a z45 rear sprocket.