Hello I have a question I have a 98 Rebel that Sometimes jumps into neutral...


Hello, I have a question, I have a 98' Rebel that Sometimes jumps into neutral when I'm in 3rd, I do not try to change gear, it just does it itself

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  • You might need to adjust the clutch cable or replace clutch springs.

  • I did replace the clutch Springs not too long ago, so I'll try to adjust the clutch cable, thanks :)

  • No problem.

  • Could also be a bent shift fork as it isn't slipping into neutral , it is slipping between gears (2/3) .

  • It does shift into neutral, really easy

  • That has nothing to do with the shifter fork that shifts it into neutral .

    There are multiple shifter forks .

  • I will look into it, thanks dude :)