• Hello peeps I wanna buy ProTaper Low bars which goes with oversize clamps

    Hello peeps, I wanna buy ProTaper Low bars which goes with oversize clamps. Any specific model? and known seller?

    Many thanks

    • Ben Harman

    • klx110 bars for low or xr50 for high

    • Thanks mate

    • (y) Tudor

    • Im looking for high and wide whats the suggestions on that?

    • All manufacturers make fat bars the two sizes are a industry standards. Does not matter what country you are from go to some shops and hold the bars. See how they feel. Thier are different bends in different bars go see witch feel the best in your hands

    • The 'Contour' bars by ProTaper are the fat bars (oversize). I run the Contour mini highs.

    • Contours

    • Thanks Dale.. That helps

    • Me too as of last weekend

    • Whats the hieght on these like?

    • Brought the adapters as CRF ones and just got 4 washers to space then. Apart from that mint. Lovely bars

    • Look very good.

    • Lesley you should remember Dales bars from the pile up

    • Jay Murray oh dear these are well wide so watch out. I had Renthals one on the London run

    • Ha ha Jay that's why I'm gonna buy the same for the battle field.

    • ProTaper xr50 as there the highest and widest!

    • Padding or bubble wrap is a good suggestion

    • Dame thats wat i gt but isnt enough room for hand brake

      Got it all on but the length b4 the bend isnt enough 2 av it all where i want lol