Hello Stormers. at what mielage did yo l encounter cct failures


Hello Stormers...at what mielage did yo'l encounter cct failures...??

and how many of yo'l have shifted to manual cct's...??? im still on auto cct with 22k miles on the odo....

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  • its ok lee,They usually only go at speed mate, yours will be fine then !!! lol ;) love ya bro x

  • Did stopper mod on mine piece of p@#s and doesn't cost anything . If/when they do go I'm safe in the knowledge the plunger will only retract a mm or so and then will invest in some manuals . Also fitted a reg/rect off an r1 bargain off ebay and are massive compared to the Honda ones!!

    All info is on vtr1000.org a well helpful forum and genuinely seem a good crowd of members

  • hmmm yes Andy not so steady now with the new tires on lol .anyway what you doing on here your a blade man now ain't ya lmao

  • still have to maintain Helens mate ! will get a sp1 one day :)

  • want another storm but can't part with the blade,

  • have been bleeding the bleeding brakes for ages, much better but not spot on, time for new braided hoses and a couple of re-build kits, f-ing £100 !

  • I fitted brand new cct's justto be sure but I've since been told they can go at anytime whether old or new. However I've also been told that it tends to be the firestorms that are only used occasionally that have the problem and not firestorms like mine that are used daily. I'm still on auto cct.

  • How much are standard CCTs

  • @KEVIN: don't buy them , you will regret it and the costs compared to manual ones are equal