• Helmet stands

    Helmet stands ?

    • Nice! Does the light go into the original headlight housing or its a complete unit?

    • I used the stock bucket

    • I had to make brackets to make it go into the housing and I made a gasket to seal it around the edge of the housing ring looks real good though and it's real bright it has a direct been right out front but it does have quite a bit it pans out the camera video I have doesn't do justice

    • I saw the video you posted, it looks very bright. I'd definitely rock that but I'm going for an old school bobber type of look so it'd stick out like a sore thumb lol

    • Yep I'm kinda doing low rider bobber look I think the aero light will look on point

      Btw I'm looking for painter

    • ive been debating on getting the 7" daymaker for my Aero just not sure how difficult it will be or if it will even fit considering all the wiring already in the headlight bucket along with the speedo etc

    • The one I used fit with wires in bucket it's thinner then stock

    • how did u make the gasket?

    • 1/4 weather stripping sticky on one side put two half moon pieces one on each half of opening makes a tight seal and centers light good and you can see it doesn't bounce around

    • I also tried soft side of Velcro and lined the ring also I left the stock chrome bezel that goes around the lens if it looks off to the spirit riders that's way I like it better