Biffer won't start after stalling not long after first start up (side stand down when put in gear... DOH!)

Happened before and waited a while when it wouldn't start and eventually started. This morning it won't start again.

Has anyone had this problem before?

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  • I changed my stator and reg/rec last year before they failed. The stator had signs of high temparatures when I removed it. So at 20k seems like I made a good decision for once

  • I would leave it till tomorrow giving it time to settle down then do as John and Les say . Good luck

  • its a flooded engine give it a go with full trottle open and a charged battery . see your manual for full instuctions . nothing else dont worry

  • Thankyou all for your advice and support. I have taken drastic measures.....

  • Going to reluctantly leave till tomorrow morning with battery on charge till then :)

  • love it!

  • I'm guessing the wife is out

  • IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    now to let it run for a bit then go for a ride to clear it out :)

  • She doesn't mind. Got a good one ;)

  • It must like the warmth you will have to keep her indoors now or she won't like it

  • Now theres an idea... lol

  • Maybe the side stand tronic switch is out of phase ? With the repeated pushing it into gear just need a strobe and reset and hey presto