Recently bought a cheap 85 350x that was rebuilt and has low compression. Was able to get it running by popstarting it and had it running a few minutes. He had jug professionally honed for the new n piston he bought. Any clue on why it has low compression?


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  • Not good

  • Sell the frame and title

  • Timing off ... Rings not compressed right when installed.... Head not sealed...all possibilities ...It is something that can't be "rednecked"

  • Valve's?

  • question does it always start hard or does it do it cold and not hot or both?

  • It was recently put back together, and it has weak compression. Like I said, I know it runs because it was able to be popstarted. I'll look next week when I have time if head isn't sealed, if not then I'll take it apart and checkout the jug and rings. He did put the rings for that piston I'm though.

  • Do a cylinder leak down test... Do not try to start it if it fails!!!.... You may of already ruined components

  • I asked if it started any better hot or was the same not wanting to start hot or cold?

  • It didn't want to start when warmed up. I'm only 400 into the trike and came with a few parts motors. I don't have alot of time, so if it's gonna be alot of work, it will be up for sale soon. Or go in the garage with the rest

  • Were the valves recut??? Build up of carbon and like all others said your timing may be off due to stretch cam chain. Did you use brand new gaskets??? It makes a huge differance. And did you properly torque the head bolts. Or just crank them down which causes cracks in the head which may be why no compression. And is the spark plug the right one???? Properly torque???