I want loud pipes on my magna v45 1983!

    • drill out the hidden (unseen) spot welds and also drill 1/2" hole on each exhaust muffler cap (Aluminum)... did that to mine and it really made the exhaust sound great.

    • Do you mean take off the box? Andy Pennington

    • No... I started to take out all the insides but found the task difficult to not ruin my perfect mufflers. So I just left them drilled, and also drilled a 1/2" hole right in the center of the end caps that you see from the rear "horns" the material is soft and already pretty much pre centered for a drill bit. I do get a little back pressure "popping when i slow down in gear but have to say it sounds great and no Carb mods. Pulling the guts out of the mufflers is very difficult to not ruin them.

    • There are "right ups" pm V-4 web site that explane the process of pulling out the baffels in the mufflers.

    • Andy Pennington this is not a Mickey take , but I just put the old mufflers (silencers in the UK )in the bin much easyer ,sound better,go's better job done :-)

    • That would have been easier for sure. My bike is a mint looking 84 with only 3,200 original miles on it. So the mufflers were perfect.

    • in hindsite I should have puller them off.... not "F'ed " with them and got aftermarket... lol

    • Only how many miles , Jesus mine's done 68,000 miles

    • Andy Pennington, that popping you are hearing, IIRC, is most likely due to the bike running lean. A little richer jetting should rectify that.

    • Thanks Al I will look into that