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    • On mine I needed an electric relay (under the seat for 250's) when I switched to LEDs or they would just stay on. Not sure about them both being on though.

    • That's what I was thinking I've seen one side stay on the side that you have the signal supposed to be flashing but I have never seen it you turn left her signal on all four am stay on for right turn signal and all for stay on

    • Four signal flash. Easiest solution is to only do either the front or the rear as LED. LEDs dont draw enough current for the flasher relay to work correctly.

    • Well i did not have the rear one when i got the bike and the front one were broke so i did all 4 waiting for a new relay and to resistors or should I buy for resistors

    • You can just go to AutoZone or O'Reilly's or whatever auto parts store you have and ask him for resistors hook them up to each end and your turn signals will work perfectly they cost about 8 bucks depending on where you live

    • Theres a short in one of your grounds. You can go all leds but you need an electronic flasher. Time to trace wires brother......

    • Great the thing I hate most figure it out where a short is