HELP. CBF 1000


HELP...CBF 1000

Recently bought CBF 1000 A-7 ABS ... great except for flat , hesitant spot between 2-3000 rpm ..spoils the bike

... been trying to find if HONDA have issued an update mapping cure this problem ?

Many of the same bike / model..also have this problem...


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  • Many many folk...on www ..and CBF forum..have this issue....driving me nuts ...... running out of ideas..other than use my X11 ..........Written to HONDA....awaiting reply

  • Seen folk on forum...put on PC ..with no real fix....which I found thought that should override..basic ECU etc

  • I need to find something...canni believe HONDA would let a bike out of factory like that..or not sort with remap etc ..later

  • Investigate the flapper on the air intake side of the air filter, remove the actuation hose and plug it so as not to affect the mixture, leave the actuator disconnected. Made a difference to mine, as did fitting a K&N air filter.

  • yes... saw that about FLAPPER...will try... can but try.thanks

  • I got 2007 abs also. When the engine is not hot enough i also stuck between 2-3K RPM. But it never happened after the heat reach optimum working tempature. So i always start the engine 5 minutes before riding.

  • I have it hot or cold

  • Have you looked at the fault codes? Ive had probs with map sensor and tps sensor that maybe related?