Help my 420 will only change up gears or down 5 4 I do not have a tool to do...

Help my 420 will only change up gears or down 5-4 .I do not have a tool to do this manually so I can not get mutual so can not start it.The battery is fully charged. Thanks if you can help.

  • You can hold the left handle bar brake and it should start in gear.

  • Thank I will give it a try.

  • Hi Jessie got it started but still only can change up and down 4 -5 5-4 any suggestions.

  • Its a es? Or is it a auto es?

  • Don't know what does Es do?

  • Es is electric shift.

    How about this one. what year model is it and is it straight axle on the rear or is it independent rear suspension

  • Year 08 electric shift straight axle 420 TRX.

  • Ok. Just a regular es then. My first stop would be the shift motor on the front of the motor needs to be taken apart and cleaned. That would be my first guess.

  • Get you an 8 mm and put it on the front cover and manual shift it back to N

  • Thanks I will give that a try.

  • Then take the motor off the front cover and clean it, then pull the angle sensor on the back of the motor and clean it too

  • Angle sensor was gonna be my second stop if the shift motor cleaning didn't work. Lol

  • Sometimes the es models are picky about shift if clutch is too tight. you can look up on YouTube how to adjust the clutch nut on the front cover

  • Thanks Dillon not being good at this where do I find the cover to use the 8mm on?

  • Pull the left side panel off and it's going at the bottom point forward by the shift motor

  • Thanks a job for tomorrow I will let you know how it goes.

  • Okay no problem

  • I keep a ratchet with the 8mm socket with me at all times, might need to rock the bike abit as well to make it easier. If problem persists might want to pull the cover and inspect the shift gears as well as clean and lube them. I seen a bad tooth and just replaced mine

  • Thanks for your help. I am now on the move.

  • Dillon J Stelly All ok now thanks.