Help My bike loses power when throttle opens not even half way have changed...


Help!! My bike loses power when throttle opens not even half way have changed plugs no differance have turned out air/fuel as much as can and worked backed from there no change plugs come out pitch black mixture way to rich but even with screws out as much as possible no change. Also front cylinder no fire on and off .......... what else can I look at battery and charging all fine fue filter pump all fine

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  • Turning the screw out adds more fuel, but that is only idle to about 1/8 throttle so if you are dying above that, it is not the mixture screw. Since your front cylinder is cutting in and out, you might have an ignition coil issue. If a coil goes weak the spark can't ignite the fuel under a heavy throttle.

  • Check the connections to the coil. Check the connections from the ICM to the main wiring harness. Check and see if all the plugs really are firing or not. Work your way back from the point of failure to the ICM and then the Stator. You can have the ICM tested at most Honda dealers depending on the age of your bike..What is year/model/engine?

  • 98 ace 1100

  • Thanks guys ill have a look also will do carb clean......... driving slowly it goes ok when you open up it strts to mifire and then at top rpm it starts to almost run ok again

  • Check your air filter. May not be getting enough air.

  • ok...thats more useful info, not coils, they couldnt do that. I go with a carb problem.

  • Holy shit someone that understands what the mixture screw does. I'm sure u know how rare that seems to be.

  • Yes what Steve said. Air/fuel/fire and u already know your getting fuel and it starts and runs so got spark so check the air filter