Help My lady climbs on my Aero this weekend and melts her shoe on my chrome...

Help!!? My lady climbs on my Aero this weekend and melts her shoe on my chrome pipes. Anyone know how I can get this smudge off without scratching the chrome on pipe. I sure hate to turn 50 shades of red on her. Thanks for any ideas.

  • take her shoes off for five minutes, she won't go near them pipes every again!

  • Try Sainless Steel Cleaner

  • Be careful with the oven cleaner; it will also remove paint.

  • Paint and skin haha

  • would coca-cola work?? seems to clean rust off chrome wheels??

  • Easy off helped me but mr clean magic pads were the best. Also, sprayed motocycle cleaner and let it sit for awhile...loosened my melt coat. My boyfriend used a scrubber on his chrome once and it scratched it pretty badly so I would avoid it

  • Cover all area around the pipe and use east off oven cleaner. Will effortlessly remove it without a mark.

  • I use mothers chrome polish and a lot of elbow grease

  • 0000 steel wool. The finest on the market. That and just a sab of elbow grease. That what I've always used. Both my 1100 and my vintage 350k4

  • I use Nevrdull. Thats how it is spelled. it is a cotton wadding with a chemical for cleaning and polishing all metals, except aluminum.