Help needed with engine identification number Recently purchased this 1984...

Help needed with engine identification number. Recently purchased this 1984 xl250r. Manufactured in 1/84, as pointed out on this page 1984 motors were not red. Can anybody tell me what year engine VIN MD11E 530**** would be? Any help appreciated. Rich.

  • The red looks like it was added in someone's garage after the fact. It looks like they got the shifter too.

    Does the number on the engine match the number on he VIN badge on the stem? Also keep in mind that the VINs are preceded by "JH2" if you're doing a VIN lookup, like from here: rcycle-vin-decoder/

  • And according to the below, MD11E breaks down to a 1984 Honda XL250 R (MD11 the model, E the year).

    https://www.motorcyclesparepar prefix.aspx

  • Ed Smith, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for that link. That's a great relief to know for purchasing parts. Need to get a new head gasket.

  • Happy to help.

  • Engine Xl250Rh 1987

  • Xl250re 1984 engine 500...

  • All righty, I'm a little confused now. Do I have an 84 or an 87 engine?

  • Engine number 530xxxx - 1987

  • Thank you Sebastien Girardot. One final question. I'm in the U.S., do this chart still apply?

  • Your engine :MD11-E rh type DK (export) que_pdf.html

    Pdf of pièces in french