HELP PLEASE Im stuck at work my battery is flat and I have got this far and...

HELP PLEASE. Im stuck at work my battery is flat and I have got this far and got the vice grips onto the battery and wiggled and pulled but the battery is not coming out. I dont have to remove the entire black plastic shroud next to it do I??? I jusy want to get home for a beer

  • Pry a little bit on all 4 sides with a screwdriver or better yet put a putty knife down each side to break it loose from the sides. Then push up from the bottom. There is a small hole in the center of the battery case to push up on.

  • Noooooooo after all that it wasnt that battery . It got it out and a new one in and the Shadow is still dead. The headlight comes on when ignition is turned. The kill switch is in place and its in neutral. I hit the start button and the headlight dims and nothing else happens????

  • Take a screwdriver and tap your starter. It may be a stuck solenoid. Or just hit the button over and over until it let's loose

  • Could be just a fuse , check them

  • Whoa looks like a faulty kill switch i flicked it off and on a few times and it fired up but cut out then wouldnt fire back up. I flicked it on and off a few more times and im running!!!!!

  • Kick stand saftey?

  • Start button is worn out. Had the same issue with wife's spirit last year.

  • Glad to hear you're back up and running. Sharp bike.

  • Righto off to the honda dealer to get it fixed by the sounds of it

  • No thankfully friend had one out bike he parted. Took me 5 minutes to swap it out.

  • The contacts in the switch wear out over time. Common issue with these bikes

  • Oh Ok so i just buy it and its an easy install?

  • Oh I should help back. The best method and the only one that worked for me was to thread decent thickness electrical wire evenly through both terminals and pull up. She came straight out when even force was applied. Happys days. Now for a cruise.

  • Best thing I would say would be to take the switch apart and clean it first and see if that helps

  • I'll do that cheers

  • WHY DOESN'T EVERYONE JUST TELL HIM TO POP START IT HOLY FUCK... lol. (I seen it was a kill switch but still, first thing to do when stranded with a dead battery, if it is a dead battery. POP START....)

  • Not everybody likes the idea of grinding the shit out of a sprocket. Plus shaft drive can be a bitch to do by yourself.

  • It doesn't grind the shit out of your sprocket, those things were made to take a damn beating and it only takes 2 seconds to pop start unless it's cold lol. It's a motorcycle not a china plate. And as for shaft drive i've never had a problem pop starting one but thats just me.

  • Mine did the same thing, changed the fuses and bam it ran. There is a single larger fuse on the starter relay that if blown all Will function but no start.

  • Starter switch maintenance. It says Valkyrie, but it's the same switch on practically all Hondas. starter.html

  • Or... you need to clean the starter switch.

  • Clean your kill and starter switches and while you're at it the horn and turn signal switches on the other side.

  • ^^^ this, once every year or two.... preventative maintenance is your friend!

  • thanks...

  • Solonoid