Help these kids out please

  • I got drunk and ate a spider that wouldn't leave me alone, still don't like them.

  • Good for you brother but I can't stand snakes you ever seen me dance fishing for trout fishing I see a snake I started screaming like a little school girl it's actually pretty funny for the people around me but its not funny for me not even a little bit

  • I love snakes. Used to have an Albino Burmese Python, Pearl Burmese Python, a Columbian Redtail Boa, a Viper Boa, and 2, 8+ foot Emory rat snakes.

  • Don't take it personally but screw you

  • Seen my mother in law almost piss herself when she seen a worm that she thought was a snake.

  • Also had a guy I use to work with jump off a roof because a lizard touched him.

  • For the person that petrified of something its not funny but for the people around its hilarious I'm talking to you I go running and screaming like a little school girl I just got touched for the first time

  • No a lizard is nothing I don't even like going striper fishing using eels

  • I'm petrified of Heights but I always tend to be the first to climb on roofs, scaffolds and pretty much anything off the ground. But there is a catch I have to be up there by myself.

  • No I don't like Heights well should I say ladders but I've worked out she knows for years so I'm used to climbing up 300 400 foot but that's not ladder