Here are my two xl185s s Red one is a 3 200 mile 1981 and the blue one is a...


Here are my two xl185s's. Red one is a 3,200 mile 1981, and the blue one is a 15K mile 1982. When I got them a few months ago the blue one was in pretty bad shape, so I stripped it and repainted, fixed the brakes and replaced all of the wiring. It's currently in the process of becoming a cafe racer style bike. The red one will be completely restored to original. $400 for both, I couldn't pass it up.

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  • Were you able to match paint on the blue one?

  • We've got a national coating supply paint store where I live, I took a paint chip off the tank in and they did a pretty good job. I added the silver stripe in the middle to make it a little different. I had no idea Honda made blue motorcycles.

  • is it fast

  • Deguiba Diallo not yet. Bought a wiseco 225cc big bore kit, 28mm carb, and complete supertrapp exhaust. I lowered the rear and have the front forks draining to lower them as well. Then I'll notch the rear and make a different seat.

  • This is the inspiration for it.

  • and this mortar can run from Dakar