Here are some parts I have laying around This is TWO shelves only I have many...


Here are some parts I have laying around. This is TWO shelves only. I have many, many more. If you need pictures of any of these call or text 1.870.612.4792 I am located in Batesville, Ar, but I do ship. Paypal or walmart money transfer. These parts will go on eBay (feebay) this week. If you need a part that is not listed feel free to call or text. Thanks in advance

1. 83-85 200x tank. Needs new paint, some rust holes in bottom, needs a gas tank kit. No major dents. Comes with petcock.

2. 83-85 200x tank. Needs new paint, a couple pinholes in the bottom of the tank. Very little internal rust. Comes with tank flairs and petcock.

3. 200e, 200es, 200s, 200m after market plastic Clarke tank. No petcock, comes with lid. Used tank, could use some sanding to bring color back.

4. 85-86 350x seat and seat pan. Seat is in bad shape. Seat pan is useable. All bolts but two are in good shape on the mounting. See pictures for details.

5. 85-86 250r rear skid plate. For the swing arm. Is in good shape.

6. 85-86 250r front skid plate. A tad dirty, needs a good cleaning. All rubber is there, good shape with no holes or dents. Lightly used.

7. Black 350x maier front fender. Slightly used, a tad dirty. No cracks or major scratches, but again, it is used, not new.

8. 83-85 200x front oem fender. Has been painted black. Does show some wear and scratches, a couple small cracks at the bottom back portion of fender. Has rubber inserts for mounting included.

9. 83-85 200x OEM front fender WITH metal bracing Hondaline product. Fender shows some wear, no major cracks or anything alone those lines. Rubber mounting pieces are included.

10. 81-82 250r aftermarket swing arm. Not sure on what + it is but can measure upon request. Looks to have a good carrier bearing.

11. N/A

12. 83-84 250r headlight with metal guard. Head light was in good working condition when taken off the bike. Glass is in good shape, metal is not dented. Metal could use some paint.

13. 81-82 250r headlight with mount. Glass is in good shape, not dented or broke anywhere.

14. 83-85 200x headlight metal guard hondaline product. No major rust or dents. In good shape.

15. Atc 70 exhaust pipe. Not sure what year it came off of. Has heat shield and muffler.

16. 85-86 Tri Z full DG exhaust. All seems to be in good shape, no issues. Sounds great!

17. 83-84 250r oem head pipe expansion chamber. No major issues or problems.

18. 83-85 200x oem headlight. Glass is good as well as plastic. Pigtails are there and in good shape.

19. 83-85 200x oem swing arm with carrier bearing. Swing arm is in good shape with no cracks. Has been painted black. Needs a good cleaning.

20. 83-85 200x oem sprocket with carrier. Teeth in good shape

21. 83-85 200x oem kick start lever. In good shape, splines are perfect. Tight kicker

22. N/A

23. 83-85 200x oem kick start lever. Splines are in good shape, kicker is a tad loose.

24. 83-85 200x clutch basket with clutches. In good shape.

25. 83-85 200x brake disk. In good shape ( I have 4)

26. Same as 24, use that picture

27. 83-85 200x Sprocket with good teeth and good axle holder. Use picture 20

28. 83-85 200x Headlight bracket. In good shape.

29. 83-85 200x seat latch, rear bracket. Good condition. Has spring and lever attached.

30. 83-85 200x CDI pulse generator cover. Decent shape, needs a good cleaning.

31. 83-85 full cobra exhaust. Old school exhaust, sounds great and mean. Has some surface rust but can be cleaned up and hit with some paint and look amazing.

32. 83-84 250r headlight with guard. In good shape, glass is in good shape, Use photo above.

33. N/A

34. 83-84 250r engine skid plate. Good shape, no cracks.

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  • whats up about that black front fender , no black rears to match ?

  • No black rear. It's just a nice newer maier