Here it is. 60k and many more to go


Here it is. 60k and many more to go.

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  • I can barely make out my speedometer at night has anyone ever changed the light to something brighter?

  • Shawn Flanagan, you can replace with an LED T10 bulb with no issues. Here is a picture of one. Compliments of the Aero Forum. LED%20options/Speedobulb.jpg.html

  • Oh, and congrats on the miles!!!

  • NICE!!!

  • oh thanks for that Tami!

  • You're welcome Shawn Flanagan :-)

  • Steve how many k's this riding season? I've put on 5700 k's since April.

  • Nice here's a pic I took last week nothing but routine maintenance

  • Need a new speedometer by the way lol not real sure how the backing came loose