Here s my freshly rebuilt 86 350x


Here's my freshly rebuilt 86 350x.

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  • she looks so beautiful I'm just goin to sit here an drool over how sexy this X looks i love it!!!

  • Keyston Koby Fjerstad

  • I appreciate the comments guys. Christopher I bought this one last year in Asheville Nc.

  • hell yea i sold the one i.pictured to a guy up around your area

  • It's got jetted carb and DG full exhaust. The dg muffler isn't much of a muffling device lol I actually put a disc style spark arrester made for VWs on it, definitely gives it a sweet sound and it's tunable. The front tire is pretty sweet to, it's a STI tech 4 22/7/11 tire. It's the only 22 inch 6 ply race tire I know of for a 11inch wheel.

  • mine had mud machines on the rear cobra silencer an needed valve seals swing arm bearings an carrier bearings. were getting loose

  • your abviously can't be the one i had lol but your is still very nice ! i shall get another one one day

  • Need to get the boots for the front forks.. looks a lil funny without them on it..

  • I've always thought the boots made the forks look goofy so I don't run them on my 350 or 200. To me it's just a cleaner and sportier look.... But that's just me

  • i think boots trap moisture behind them an.cause extra maintenance