hey all as we know the Ace Caff meet isn t too far off now and need to start...

hey all, as we know the Ace Caff meet isn't too far off now and need to start planning for it, Richard Calderwood and mysef will be outriders/guides as we have an indepth of the capital as we ride round it for a living, im estimating we need another 7 or so if possible riders that know it well to help, each of us guides will be allocated say 5 or so riders that don't know it and will do our best we stay together with you, im gonna start on a route plan with Rich tomo, please like this staus if you are defo coming so we can get an idea of numbers and comment if you have a good knowledge of the city cheers,

  • Definitely on for this. Be good to see you all again!

  • I shall cover you in smoke Joe

  • Stick to Petrol Stations Charlie Reeves ;)

  • I would expect nothing less Charlie Reeves!!

  • If anyone fancies brining a spare mitchelin city grip to the run if would be appreciated- just incase mine goes pop

  • Fit an old Vee for the day and kill it.

  • Good point joe

  • Need a sacrificial pigeon for Jack Dempsey Osborne to do a burn out on.

  • My Vee rubbers are long gone otherwise I would

  • Pretty sure I can kill a pigeon or 2