• Hey all has anyone had rear wheel bearing problems It would seam my ones are...

    Hey all has anyone had rear wheel bearing problems ? It would seam my ones are shot after 1000 miles

    • Some have had that problem from the rear axle being torqued up too much.

      Has it only been touched by Honda, or have you been tensioning the chain yourself?

    • Ya I set the chain as its shit and stretches! But the bikes done 1000 miles and its touqued to 59 NM

    • ^ what he said

      Also its nothing to do with over torqing the bolts

    • My chain has a big tight spot, i adjust it in that posistion so even at the tight spot its loose, a tight chain is worse than a loose chain

    • amazing what a fuck up tbh I don't need the stress with Honda as I have a aftermarket swingarm... Any one know the price of the Central spacer / tube thanks for the help lads

    • My chain to has a very tight spot in one place..very tricky getting it just right..i always prefer it a little loose than over tight..then keep an eye on it. its hard to get the tension spot on i must admit.

    • The chain is not up to the job and it would seem that the bearings need some support for gods sake it's a Honda this is not meant to happen

    • The bearing are open hub side if u look there's holes in ur wheel hub that allows water dirt and crap u need the all balls ball bearing sealed both side of bearing not just one there's ur fail point!!

    • That's them after one winter's riding!!

    • Alex is right the bearings are only sealed on the mating face ! But that is not my problem! If it was my bike would be back together