• Hey everyone

    Hey everyone,

    I've been watching this page for a while now and I think it's about time my girlfriend bought me a CT110! What do yall think?

    Where is the best place for me to get one? Met a dude the other week who said he got his on-road for $1600 from Pickles. Is there anything cheaper? Just lost my license so I'm looking for something to toot around the carparks for 3 months and tinker on.

    Also Missus wants her L's, she's short as though so I figured a CT would fit her nicely!

    Anyone selling or know a seller? Anyone know anywhere better than Pickles?? Thanks!

    • New brake shoes

      New after market shocks ($150)

      Chrome headlight

      Also a small nice tail light on it now

    • Awww I should have sold you mine! It was the best

    • Vic I was seriously thinking that yesterday! I'm so gutted I didn't have the money :(

    • I know I wish!! It was so worth more than $1000 but it's okay there will be the right bike :)

    • Such a shamee, I could've brought it over for nostalgic purposes!

      How's the ol' 250??

    • Zac I inboxed you

    • This is the exact thing I wanna do to a postie looks awesome Bobby Fleck

    • What about you get a job and earn some money yourself to buy one instead of expecting your girlfriend to pay for it

    • I have 24 hours of uni per week and work 23 hours at two different jobs per week. I have jobs Michael, why be so negative? It's called a joke...

      Besides, you may not have read the post, I can understand as the picture was quite distracting. I've probably lost my license and she's looking to get hers and needs a bike. ie, the bike is for her....

    • Lots for sale, I've got one for sale at the moment. If you are interested then just pm me and I can send you some details.