Hey everyone I m in need of new tires for my 03 spirit I need Back 170 80 15...

Hey everyone. I'm in need of new tires for my 03 spirit. I need Back 170/80-15 and Front 110/90-19. What was the best tire for your buck, and where did you find The best deal? The last set I bought didn't last long at all.

  • Ps nice color!!!

  • Thanks! Painted it myself. Not bad for something I did when I was 19. Ha

  • I went with Shinko 777 and love them. Under $200 off Amazon, $80 to install

  • Michellen commander IIs

    Awesome tires!!!

  • Phillip Lindsey where did I get the fairing the bike looks really good

  • got a metzler on the front that my uncle had put on and I've put 7k on it and the tire still looks new. just put a bridgestone on the back but that's what came with the bike when I got it so it was kinda free. Well I paid for it but not for as much as they are going for.

  • I believe its 160/80/15 rear.

    I bought metzler me880

  • They got some nice tires on eBay right now Dunlop and Bridgestone

  • what batwing is that look close or the same one i have

  • My brother gave it to me. He had 1300 bucks in it.

  • Yours looks bigger.

  • unless your front fender is raise you shouldnt get 110/90 in the front. 110/80 that you want. Trust me it will rub as the tire expend against your metal bracket on the highway and melt the plastic on your fender

  • I got those numbers off the tires. Lol

  • interesting. Mine where brand new when I bought the bike and when I hit the highway for the first time with it the tire was rubbing against it. Oh well

  • May have been the brand.

  • could be