• Hey folks Guess what the project is for this blustery bitter cold Pennsylvania...

    Hey folks! Guess what the project is for this blustery, bitter cold Pennsylvania weekend is!

    • One at a time, parts don't all mix... :-)

    • That's how I'm doing them, read that advice on here before. Thanks.

    • I've been fighting for the last two days with the screws holding on the float bowl covers. Trying the best I could not to strip the heads whilst getting them out. Various types of oil, heating the metal and finally a good cleaning with carb cleaner and an electric hammer drill later I have the covers off. Time to order the stainless allen headed screw kit from the V4 market.

    • Impact driver did the trick for me. Usually 2 solid taps to get the screw moving. Then Allen heads to replace when rebuilt. Impact driver is essential tool if you plan on maintaining these old bikes.

    • yeah I'm going to go get one next week when I have a little more cash to spend. Interesting colour in there, long over due a cleaning.

    • case you mix the springs and jets up here is how it must be.. Unless you have four springs the same height.

    • Good info. I separated all parts from each carb one at a time and put them in numbered parts drawers. My springs are not different length, however.

    • Thanks guys for the information! This is one of my first excursions into a Japan carb assembly (done dozens of American carbs over the years) so I'm enjoying learning some new skills. This could even be a little sideline to turn beer money. If you can find anybody in this area that works on this sort of stuff, they are terrified to go into these carbs, but they are actually not complicated at all.