Hey gang anyone got a spare CB450 top triple. K2 onwards


Hey gang - anyone got a spare CB450 top triple (K2 - onwards)?

I may need one for my CB750 project and the CB450 K2 onwards ones fit.

I have a CB450 K0 triple tree set and can offer that as swaps...

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  • Gonna order a biller one this winter. You can have my old one

  • I have a dime city cycle billet one for sale. Not sure what shipping would be though

  • Bobby Thompson i am interested in the triple. How much is it? Cheers

  • Was looking for $45 US. Plus shipping.

  • Never been used

  • That's the one I want!

  • Was going to use it, then changed the direction of my build.

  • I'm going from clubmans to clip ons

  • Ah. I decided to go with stick for now. Might switch to drag bars though.

  • So.U would sell it to germany as well? Plus shipping?

  • Absolutely. Not sure what the shipping costs would be though.

  • Hey - this is my post, no cutting in on me guys - thanks Bobby Thompson I will buy your billet triple and pay postage to me from you.

  • I will buy it !!!

  • Give me a day or 2 to figure shipping so it is as cheap as possible. And I will let you know. But as long as the shipping is acceptable to you, it's yours.

  • Thanks!

  • No prob. Are you looking for any other 450 parts? I have a few other things.

  • Just a top triple - and a set of Hooker 2 into 1 headers.

  • But put a fresh post up and let people know what you have.

  • Cool. Good luck with the headers. A bit harder to come by.

  • Think I'll do that.