Hey guys


Hey guys.

Is there a person or business that can handle the entire 50cc-150cc upgrade on a maddog?

I know there are guides but I'm not that mechanically minded and don't have the tools that you guys all seem to have. I'd like to have the work done correctly. I have a 50 cc and don't want to through the hassle of selling it , then buying a 150 and having to break it in registering it and all that palava.

Thanks for your insight guys

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  • Your location would help people find a place for you.

  • North Atlanta Georgia

  • Regardless if you swapped to a 150 or bought a new 150 scooter. You'd still have to break it in anyway.

  • That's true

    Maybe just wana skip the other parts then

  • Get with Jeff Silvers. He's in our area, great guy, great work!

  • I'm in Marietta!

  • Just saying out of personal experience. (Ticket in hand lol) if you get pulled over be ready to have a motorcycle license. Downtown Atlanta doesn't play that 50cc no plate crap anymore. If it goes over 30mph it's a motorcycle to the state period. Definitely hit Jeff up. He does awesome work!

  • Been telling people this for a long time but no one wants to accept it as fact... haha

  • ^^ That's why I got the 50cc cause didn't want a motorcycle license . I'm in Miami Beach you know any good places to convert to a 150..

  • Thanks guys.

    Exactly the kind of link I was looking for

  • Messaged you Jeff

  • Anthony McDonough owns a shop by you but not sure if they're still doing swaps or not...

  • The 50cc being converted to 150cc IS THE PROBLEM. Get the motorcycle endorsement or you will always be looking over your shoulder for the cop that's going to give you a ticket. In most areas around me, they give you a ticket and a warning to get your endorsement the first time you get pulled over for doing over 30MPH with moped plates. The second time, they tow your scoot.

  • It's 35 mph in florida but still. Lol

  • Oh and all scooters and motorcycles get the same tag so unless a cop runs the tag and sees that it's 50cc you may be good. To me it's still not worth it though.

  • By the time you do parts and labor on the swap you are close or over a grand. Sell your 50cc, put some money(that you would of spent on the swap) with it and buy a 150. The motorcycle endorsement cost less than $25.00 in most states.

  • They are slack on this in macon

  • It's 250 here which is ridiculous