Hey guys


Hey guys,

Replacing my chain and sprocket, i ordered the stock rebel size (14/33T 108 link chain) ive just taken my old chain and sprockets off and noticed that whoever had it before me had changed the stock for a 13/39T 112 link chain. Is that a standard change for the rebel? 112 links seem far too long to me

%d comments
  • You gotta remove links

  • 13/39T is not a standard change. Stock it 14/33T with a 108 link.

  • Aye ive gone back to stock now just wondering why somebody would change it to that gear ratio?

  • 13T 39T 3.00 ratio. +21.4% more torque. -21.4% less speed.

  • Compaired to stock setup.

  • Cheers dude :) so itll be slower acceleration but more top speed with the stock setup?

  • Yes it will. It will still have good acceleration. You will like the stock setup better on the highway. That was a dirt bike or off road setup.