Hey Guys almost done with a complete rebuild new frame rebuilt engine new...

Hey Guys, almost done with a complete rebuild (new frame, rebuilt engine, new electrical, new brakes, rebuilt carb.) but it looks like I'm going to have to rebuild the clutch. You guys have any recommendations on kits I should buy on ebay? Any I should stay away from? Any advice would be great!

  • Barnett kevlar all the way, with HD springs

  • Cool! I was having an issue with the clutch not engaging and realized that the plates seized together. Buy New!

  • I had very good luck with KG clutches and a few people I know who race, swear by them.

  • I've always had good luck with a plain ole EBC cork clutch kit. Hinson claims the Kevlar kits such as Barnett can damage the inner and outer hub surfaces because the Kevlar is is harder. Found that out when installing their basket on a 250R a few years ago. Kevlar voids their lifetime warranty. Which sucked because I had a brand new dirt digger kit on the bench ready to install!

  • Hey thanks for the info guys, I'm throwing it in gear and it leaps forward a bit and stalls out. My clutch arm travels only a half inch or so. It just seems to me my disks are pretty warn or warped and or the springs are shot as well. Any other thoughts on this? All suggestions are apperciated!

  • Yep I do not want upset anyone but, Barnett clutches have a bad rep. With all the racers I know they gave me advice to stay away from them they gave them much trouble, I had my KG clutches since 1999 and they work great and I have them in a 2 stroke and I ride it hard and fast and I have it geared very high 15 front and 40 tooth back, Good Luck

  • You're correct. Sounds like your clutch is due for replacement. Just make sure it doesn't need a simple adjustment at the pirch before you drop $ on a clutch kit. If you replace your clutch keep up with regular oil changes, your clutch will last a very long time if you do. I'm running a basic vesrah clutch in my 350X, it's been in there for over 10 years with no problems.

  • Ran a Tusk kit from Rocky Mountain. Worked great for me and not expensive.