Hey guys anyone got a good closeup of a good star wheel on the shift drum

Hey guys anyone got a good closeup of a "good" star wheel on the shift drum? Ive just had it tigged and need to get the profile right with a bit of grinding my photo is no good. Thanks in advance.

  • Little bit more to do to finish it off but combined with the roller rivet reco should be as good as new.

  • You can do roller and rivet reco too? Man - I have some work for you ...

  • Cliff Overton haven't done that one yet. Might get yours to practice on! It's a time factor for me but if you can wait shouldn't be a problem.

  • Thanks. Did u end up using your refurbished one Paul?

  • Cliff Overton find me a left side foot peg I'll do almost anything.

  • Done.

  • Next motor

  • I'm giving my roller and arm to a machinist today and going to get him to make a few roller shafts out of stainless for me. It's handy having mates with all the trades I need

  • Gavin Canute - there are two arms in the assembly, the "stopper, shift drum" and the "stopper, neutral". Both have stepped pins that wear.

  • Yeah my smaller stopper is fine. I can do both for you if you want? When u wanna send up the bits?

  • Gavin Canute - next week ? I will send you a PM

  • Yeah sweet