Hey guys can anybody tell me what are the differences between CB1100F and...

Hey guys, can anybody tell me what are the differences between CB1100F- and CB1100R- engines?

  • Cams, carbs, transmission, pistons, crank, primary chain, as a starting point ... :-)

  • Really Max? I thought the exhaust cams had a little more lift and the cases were solid mount and that was about it.

  • Ignore the crank and primary chain bit, got confused (was thinking 900) ... but yes, different pistons, cams might be similar, but they are different, carbs are different too.

  • Pistons ...

  • R's on the right? I can see they would probably be lighter. Higher compression?

  • Russell, yes that is correct. They are lighter, F=203 gms, the R=188 gms. Compression is slightly higher but not a massive increase. The rods are MA3 parts which migrated into the F, as did a lot of the R engine bits.

  • I would like to ride one one day. I braced my track bike and welded in the drop out section of the frame (along with some suspension mods) and it feels much more solid than my 1100f.

  • An amazing difference. Anyone who rides these bike hard should do it.

  • Allegedly the frames are made of thinner tubing, so are slightly lighter. I've noticed that the framing below the headstock of mine is different to a 900, in that its not just one pressing, its several bits welded. My RB feels very solid and precise (given how old it is). My 985 (with single sided swingarm) is much less direct, but has a much better ride ...

  • And is much better looking than your RB imho lol. Not a huge fan of the R body work from the tank back.

  • And your 985 is a looker......

  • Thanks! Actually you heretic, the R seat unit is one of the best looking pieces ever created ... :-)

  • I'm gonna build a pretty one one of these days. Might even use an r tank if I can get one

  • Oh, good luck with that ...! :-)

  • Yea I know lol. Wout had one that needed some work but I waited too long.......

  • I have an aftermarket R-a-like seat unit for another special that I'll eventually build on a spare 900 I have, after I finish the RC, the VF1000R and the other VF1000R ... :-)

  • Lol. I always like your "What I did to my bike today" updates.

  • I haven't done one of those for ages ... I'll have to do an update :-)

  • Thank you, Max! :) So there are a few technical differences. How about performance/engine characteristics?

  • The R is meant to have a higher BHP than the F and to be faster.

  • All right, many thanks for the answers! :)

  • At the time Honda claim 105BHP for the 11F, 115BHP for the RB and 120BHP for the RC/RD