Hey guys can anyone vouch for Kotey Jr Brunson on here Im looking to buy some...


Hey guys can anyone vouch for Kotey Jr Brunson on here? Im looking to buy some Fl250 parts but he doesnt have paypal so Western Union is the only option. Its not alot of $$ but it would make me feel better if someone has done business with him in the past this way.

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  • No idea on him but I always use PayPal no exceptions.

    PayPal is easy to set up if someone want to buy/sell stuff

  • Yep PayPal.

  • I wouldn't send any more than you could afford to lose...but either way I definitely wouldn't do it with out pay pal...don't know him at all

  • What are you looking for

  • Hes selling a taken apart fl250 motor on here

  • Yep. No Western Union!

  • A few months or so ago I had a trade set up with him. I had a Yerf dog buggy that he wanted to trade for his fl250 that was not running at the time. A day or so before we were to drive out to his place a few hours away he decided he no longer wanted to trade. By looking at the picture of the parts of his you are looking to buy there is a hole in the piston..

  • Ya the piston I was planning on changing as well as boring the cylinder. Was hoping for a decent bottom end. Maybe Ill just rebuild mine.

  • According to the email I received in my inbox, if I western union some guy in Nigeria, he will release my 14 USA million $'s!! But I have to western union the $500 first.

    Unless it's family or close friend, don't western union anything to anyone.

    Even if you receive an email, text, or phone call and they say they're the IRS and if you don't western union $$$$$ ASAP or you will have a warrant for your arrest and go to prison as a felon, don't do it!!!