Hey guys. Cheers for the add

Hey guys! Cheers for the add...

This is my toy, I love her to bits!

Her name is Buttons & we are always ready to ride, even if it's to just get milk from the corner store! (The blue one next to her is her sister Saphira, they can be a crazy pair when unleashed! Ha ha!)

I've only been riding for the last 3-4 years but have already learned so much & gained some incredible life long friends...

#RideSafePeeps #LoveToRide

  • I'd be interested to know why her name is Buttons, haha.

  • Pushes all the right buttons

  • Much like me, it doesn't take much to get going, just gotta find the right button! Ha ha ha ha!

    Naaaah!!! Bit silly actually...

    When I was 1st looking to buy a bike I was going to go old school..

    But then i came across this little number...

    I was amused that ya press 1 button & she's ready to go! Ha ha!

  • Haha... brilliant answer at the beginning! ☺

  • Never a dull moment here I can tell ya! Ha ha ha!

  • I wish my bike pushed all my right buttons but she's just not quite there yet.

  • Welcome aboard

  • Ha ha ha ha!

    Yeah but imperfections are otherwise known as character...

    Thus making each ride the more interesting.. ha ha ha!

    Anyways, Perfection is over rated bud!

    Ha ha ha!

  • Cheers Craig!

  • Dam straight!!

    Ha ha ha!

    (Plus I like to be different! Ha ha ha!)

  • Hhmmm... well cant say I disagree with you.

  • Just remember every dent/scratch that is gained is another memory from an awesome adventure!

    Recently i was riding home from visiting a dear friend about 1.5 hours away from home..

    5mins from home a flatbed truck took me out in a turning lane..

    Front of my bike was a mess as well as my left knee & chest..

    So with a bracket & 8 screws in my knee along with a shite load of bruising & a ridiculous amount of weeks off my ride...

  • Oh dear.... lucky you weren't injured more than you were! I hope I'm never involved in such an accident. I always wear protection just in case, even though that's not very fun ☺

    It's good that you're still so positive after such a scary incident. Good for you, great outlook on life you have!

  • I had all the gear on hence I believe its why I came out of it as well as I did...

    No matter how frustrating the gear is, it's always worth waring it...

  • I agree ☺