• Hey guys F4i y 2004 question is it normal that throttle when idling...

    Hey guys. F4i y.2004 question... is it normal that throttle when idling fluctuates, like when i try to hold it on 3k rpm it dropes and rises from 2.5-3.5k rpm? Had "changed" injectors and maybe was also changed throttle body. After that had problems with idle and rised it to 1.5k rpm. Also just now noticed that throttle bar stucks a bit and revs on its own if i give it a slight turn... Could be problem in throttle line or tps sensor or injectors again? Is there a way to set throttle body how much it opens on fuel injected bike? Ty.

    • I've had same issue , spent £600 on parts and labour ,,,,, it turned out it was fuel line ... I replaced all Spark plug coils and did service ...

    • Fuel line from pump to the fuel rail? What was wrong in your case?

    • Revs was not smooth and cut out now and again... the pipe coming from the tank to the pump was the issue ... might not be the same for u , I'm just letting u know , they swell up inside , my bike was 2001 cbr f4

    • My have pump inside the tank, no lines to it only from it

    • Or ok buddy. Mine had the pipe coming down to the pump by my right foot . I part ex it now , or I would have took pictures for u. Was a nice bike this , I know a good machanic 07912 528611 Mike . He is a good lad, works in a motorbike shop and has a van so can pick up or drop off bikes to ,

    • He's round Liverpool-sthelens area tho

    • Im from Slovenia hehe, thank you for your help tho :)

    • Ow right haha good English then ;) good luck buddy getting to the problem ,