• Hey guys finally started tearing into my 2000 600 f4 Engine been smoking at...

    Hey guys, finally started tearing into my 2000 600 f4. Engine been smoking at idle, pretty positive she needs new valve guides. While it's out and getting worked on I've been thinking about anything else that can be done. (New rings, cam chain, etc) My mind began to consider performance stuff, big bore kits, cams, things of that nature? I briefly searched and it seems that most reputable places have discontinued for the bike, I'm assuming from its age. Anything y'all would recommend to squeeze out some more power, or just get it back together like normal and give her hell?

    • In my opinion, not worth it for this bike. These bikes are a little low on performance, but are some of the most reliable bikes ever made. Get it back to stock, and run the shit out of it.