Hey guys got a 84 700 that s about to get a very huge make over is there any...


Hey guys. got a 84 700 that's about to get a very huge make over. is there any way to lower the front forks. i no they make kits for harleys with plugs and springs but don't no bout hondas doing this.i'm lowering the back about 1 1/2in. just don't want it look goofy with front even higher than it is.

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  • would love to watch the transformation, keep us posted

  • Don't no if i can do it till winter. cant keep it off the road right now. Everyday i get home it just stares at me wanting to go for a ride. Both fenders. duel fishtails, crashbar i m picking up tomorrow, lowering the back 1 1/2in or so,lights front and back,wind shield, foward controls,floorboards front and backseat sissy bar/luggage rack, handle bars. I no, might as well by another bike. I'm a street rodder. just got to do it. won't be another like it.

  • I think you can take the caps off the forks and pull the spacer out and cut some off to lower the front. Maybe check to see if progressive has new Springs and spacers to lower it, I know they make them for my 95

  • Cool guys thanks. I'll look into that tomorrow. Research these forks. Don't no if I want go as far as cutting the frame. Want to keep bike so it can be restored if I sell it. Modifying the parts to fit bike but keeping all original parts to bolt back on.

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