• Hey guys happy to be a member greetings from chile this is my bike at least...

    Hey guys, happy to be a member! greetings from chile, this is my bike, at least, the ones that sell on my country, im rebuilding the engine because that friking bearing we all know...

    • Sweet ride dude!

    • I like the mirror the way you mounted it.

    • Thanks mate! When installing the lower handlebar noticed that i could not see trough the rearview mirrors on its normal position, so i had to put them upside down, and ended up pretty cool!

    • Muy linda. Que bearing esta fallando? uno de la caja de velocidades? Saludos!

    • Si, el del eje principal, de hecho hay un vídeo en esta página que muestra la falla, aunque en eje de mi motor no alcanzó a dañar la tapa del mismo