Hey guys have a question


Hey guys have a question

Postie bike is blowing white smoke on start up like a bush fire .. Goes away when warmed up .. Runs great doesn't miss a beat doesn't use oil ... ???????

Bit of background before you comment

Was doing this for a while and had a rattle in the gearbox so I replaced engine with a new reco motor fully rebuilt ...

Also placed a new carby in and re jetted to suit pod and exhaust ..

Put new motor in and still smokes like the old motor did .. Pulled the head off all seals and rings are fine . Put finger in exhaust port not wet just carbon plug is perfect .Dafaq only thing I haven't changed really is the fuel ?? Could it be dodgy fuel ???

I have already spoken to Mike about lambda and I want to see what others think ..

%d comments
  • It's legit done maybe 80-120ks on the new motor

  • Doesn't miss a beat or have flat spots or idle rough it actually flies just on start up blows smoke that's all

  • Diesel... Change your fuel mate.

  • Sounds like valve guide wear.

  • I am with you Ronny

  • Mat wat plug are using 6v/12v

  • 12v ..

    How to do I test valve guide wear ?? New seals placed in less then 80-120ks ago ... Valves looked perfect ... Could it be the valves have 2 big of a gap ??? But then it would run like shit

  • Fuel

  • There is a lot of vid on utube too mat u could watch. Also hawksbury honda in Windsor has the contract for all ozi post. The bloke down there seem to be very switched on maybe give them a call. He likes to chat.

  • Get a manual it has the measurement for valve guides.